Cervantes Ramirez, partner

Cervantes is the head bartender of The Ship. he has been an iconic staple of the New York bar scene since working at Von, Little Branch, Silver Lining, PDT, National, Cafe Select, Freemans, and prized consultant to many others. Cervantes has been recognized as one of New York's finest bartenders by his colleagues and patrons alike.

Joseph Schwartz, partner

Joseph is co-founder of the cocktail lounge Little Branch, in the NYC’s West Village. He previously served as head bartender and manager at New York's pioneer craft cocktail establishment, Milk & Honey, where he was personally trained by owner Sasha Petraske. Joseph was named one of Food & Wine Magazine's top five bartenders in America.

Steve Choo, partner

Steve steps into the bar industry for the first time with his friends of many years, Cervantes and Joseph.   Steve brings his design sense and business background to complete the team.

Robert Jamieson, Architecture and Design

Many thanks to our dear friend Robert, whose passion, dedication and amazing aesthetics made this all possible. We are forever grateful.